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  • An 'Adviser' service at no cost to you
  • Your own personal specialist to help navigate through the complex selection process. Helping identify a care facility that meets your budget and satisfies your needs.
  • Thousands of home care and care home providers from all over the United Kingdom
  • Direct experience in working with the NHS and social services
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“ Choosing a care provider to become a part of your day-to-day life is possibly one of the most important decisions that you will ever make ”

My Care Selection can work with thousands of care providers throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. We are dedicated to the healthcare sector. Helping you to select the most appropriate home care or care home provider wherever you may be in the UK.

When your health is being tested My Care Selection takes the strain out of finding, negotiating with and then choosing an appropriate care provider

We can review over 4,000 providers for specialist care including:

  • dementia
  • stroke
  • frailty
  • motor neurone disease
  • multiple sclerosis
  • muscular dystrophy
  • physical injury
  • mental health

We not only consider your specific needs to be cared for, but also the demands that are likely placed on the provider such as time flexibility, so you receive care when you need it most, and the importance of the continuity of your care assistants, so you are regularly greeted by a familiar face.

When we select a provider they will be committed to satisfying our exacting standards in the delivery of personal care. From good standards of etiquette, to delivering suitable person-centered care. Essentially, you and your well-being are our priority.

My Care Selection is dedicated to being a comprehensive care resource. We aspire to be leaders in the home care and care home sectors, providing valuable information, resources, and best-in-class client service to families and partners. Our core values reflect this mission:

  • Deliver a high-quality person centred service
  • Act with honesty, empathy and respect
  • To operate with the best interest of the client at heart
  • To provide a safe, caring service that is well led
“My Care Selection took all the worry away when we needed a care plan for our frail mum. We can’t fault the friendly, compassionate service” Sandra, Doncaster
“Since my stroke I had been worrying how I would get the help I now need, but My Care Selection responded quickly” Graham, Bridlington